Saturday, November 28, 2009

BABBLING BROOKE BLOG November 28, 2009

Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: THE PERFECT SERIAL KILLER: The sexy, passionate, hustling and gal pal I am grateful to have, DeeDee Bigelow, has updated her film THE PERFECT SERIAL KILLER. The cast includes horror faves like the talented Courtney Gains, stunning Christa Campbell and icon Tony Todd. And, you might even find Yours Truly somewhere in the cast ;) The film is in development and written by DeeDee and Antonio Olivas.
Check out the official website:

HOTTEST LADIES IN HORROR PROMO CHAPBOOK by Iron Dave: This lil book is filled with love and makes a fabulous Christmas stocking stuffer! And, 50% of all book sales will be donated to the local YMCA for all of their invaluable service to the community.

HOLLYWOOD: THE DARKNESS DESCENDING: "Big news I'm excited to share. Earlier this year I was asked by a good friend to direct a trailer for a yet to be produced film. We not only shot a trailer but we shot the first 5 episodes of a web series entitled THE DARKNESS DESCENDING. It's a dramatic action story set against the backdrop of the homeless people living beneath the subway tunnels in New York City. It's a fascinating sub culture inspired by true characters and events...

Recently the web series was picked up by Koldcast TV, one of only 2 major online networks. Our first episode premiered last week (I've been traveling a lot so haven't had time to email before now) and there will be a new episode every week for the next 5 weeks. We are looking to shoot the next 5 this December."- Director, Marc Clebanoff
Check it out:

Program Details
A serial killer is somehow connected to accounts of an early Christian martyr and saint, leaving two baffled detectives to piece together arcane clues and bring a murderer to justice in this crime thriller starring Michael Pare, Charles Durning and Brooke Lewis.
85 Mins
Showtime Advisories
Nudity, Violence, Adult Language, Adult Content
Audio Format
Stereo / CC

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

Friday, November 20, 2009

BABBLING BROOKE BLOG November 20, 2009

The 2010 Hot Honeys & Hunks of Horror Calendar
Benefiting The Lynn Sage Foundation Funding Breast Cancer Research

The Lynn Sage Foundation, established by the family of Lynn Sage, is committed to the discovery of a cure for breast cancer. To achieve this goal, the Foundation has partnered with the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, a nationally recognized leader in breast cancer care, education and research.

100% of the profits earned on the calendar will be donated to the Lynn Sage Foundation and will be used to provide much needed funds to research fellowship grants.

Featuring The 2010 Hot Honeys & Hunks of Horror Hottie Debbie Rochon (Colour From the Dark, Walking Distance) as the cover model and spokesperson!
And her "corpse" played by filmmaker Dave Campfield (Dark Chamber, Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre).

2010's Honeys
Suzi Lorraine (Won Ton Baby, Claang The Game)
Christine Christian (Diary of Death, American Horrors)
Tiffany Shepis (Nightmare Man, Night of the Demons)
Alan Rowe Kelly (The Blood Shed, A Far Cry From Home)
Raine Brown (Barricade, Sculpture)
Julie Strain (Delta Delta Die, Fit To Kill)
Jennifer Stone (Spoils, Kodie)
Brinke Stevens (Grandmother's House, Haunting Fear)
Theo Kogan (Live Freaky, Die Freaky & Lead Singer of Theo And The Skyscrapers and Lunachicks)
Brooke Lewis (iMurders, Slime City Massacre)
Tina Krause (The Thirsting, The Recovered)
Michelle Tomlinson (The Cellar Door, Brain Dead)

2010's Hunks
Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil's Rejects)
Hart Fisher (The Garbage Man, American Horrors)
Marv Blauvelt (Sculpture, Psycho Street)
Bart Mastronardi (Vindication)
Joe Zaso (Barricade, Brain Cell)
Tom Savini (Dusk Til Dawn, Machete_
Abel Berry (Spoils, Kodie)
Kealan Patrick Burke (Slime City Massacre, Author of The Number 121 to Pennsylvania)
Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist)
Parrish Randall (The Quick & The Undead, Possum Walk)
Michael Segal (Nympha, Colour From The Dark)
Szymon Karl (Film at Eleven)

Special thank you to Eve Blaack Publishing's The Hackers Source's Graphics Designer Starrla Noble for, once again,designing this very unique, very hot calendar!
Available NOW at for $20.00 per calendar plus shipping!