Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BABBLING BROOKE BLOG December 16, 2008

Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my new BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: Last night I wrapped work on Ford Austin's DAHMER VS. GACY...freakin' unbelievable!!! I knew Ford was talented, but his direction was absolutely superb! We had a moment in my scene last night that cannot even be described! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with him. I am listing more information from the horse's mouth below:

"Dahmer vs. Gacy is a crazy horror comedy about a secret government cloning program that decides to clone serial killers and genetically enhance and splice their genes to create a superkiller. When infamous clones of Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy escape the compound, they go on a wild killing spree in search of the scientist who cloned them so they can kill him and drag his ass to HELL. Along the way, a crazed redneck war veteran talks to GOD and battles Japanese Ninjas as he races to kill the Superclones before it is too late!
The movie stars Ford Austin, Art LaFleur, Irwin Keyes, Ethan Phillips, Randal Malone, Bonnie Aarons, Peter Zhmutski, Brooke Lewis, George Reynolds, Jed Rowen, Felissa Rose, Trey Alexander, Debbie Rochon, Alana Curry, Katie Lohmann, Jamie Campbell, Marc Wasserman and Anya Benton to name a few.
It is in post-production and work has already begun on the sequels. It is in post-production and work has already begun on the sequels."

And, a special thanks goes out to my fabulous hair & make up artist, Claire Doyle, for lending me her creative genius, as always!

Another horror flick to watch out for is the sexy Elske McCain's JESSICKA RABID! We chatted about the film at dinner the other night and I can't wait to see it! Check out the logline: "They treated her like an animal...until she became one!" The film was written & directed by Matthew Reel. Elske stars in it and she is one badass chick!

HOLLYWOOD: I met the oh-so-talented Tamar Halpern at the Big Bear Film Festival many moons ago. You wanna talk about a powerful woman who inspires me and get shit done?! I cannot wait till she kicks my ass as a director! Some info about two of her projects below:

"Shelf Life, starring Betsy Brandt ("Breaking Bad") and Elisa Bocanegra ("Girl Fight", "White Oleanders"), is a the story of petty office politics set in a library. A dark comedy about a turf war between the head librarian and the book shelver, Variety called Shelf Life "whip smart" and said that director/writer Tamar Halpern "redifines American Comedy". It's available on NetFlix and, for a few lucky locals, it can be rented at Video Journeys in Silverlake. Shelf Life was rented 35 times in the first two months it was available at Video Journeys and now Tamar is looking for dvd distribution to other video stores. Tamar Halpern also has a new film out - a feature called Your Name Here. A coming of age story about two kids who want to start a garage band and all the crazy adults who get involved, Tamar shot it in her house and neighborhood of Silverlake as a nod to the uniquely independent music scene there. She made the film with her son, Jordan Halpern, inspired by music he had written and recorded at age fourteen with his friend Michael McTaggart - music used in the film. Tamar is currently looking for distribution for that film.
Trailers can be seen at her website http://www.tamarolandpictures.com/"

HIGH DRAMA: I feel like I should move my bed into Boardner's lounge in Hollywood! :) I have been there 3 times in one week! We all love it for their 1/2 price happy hour! ;) I had tons of laughs over dinner and drinks with bombshell Elske McCain ("Jessicka Rabid") and the multi-talented Kenneth J. Hall ("Puppetmaster"). I must admit, I am headed back tonight with the super cute & charming (and, single ladies! :) Don Danielson ("2:13"). Oh, no...another martini? How dare I? ;)

Love & Horror,

XO Brooke Lewis

PS- Monique...Congrats on your blog! Hugs, Hot Stuff!!! :)

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