Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iron Dave's Indie Filmmakers Handbook

The Indie Filmmakers Handbook is a definitive source for the aspiring filmmaker; from writing the script to casting, filming, and distribution tips, David Byron gives you an insight into how to go through the process with or without a micro-budget. In addtion, he has enlisted a group of special guests - actors, actresses, FX artists, journalists, and filmmakers - that give their own in-depth view into their lives and careers.

Featured among the highly honored guests are:

Indie film legend Ted V. Mikels

The ''original'' Michael Myers, Tony Moran

The Temptress director Jeff Kirkendall

Monsturd star Dan Ellis

The Cellar Door starlet Michelle Tomlinson

Triwar Pictures creator Nicole Kruex

Philly Chick Pictures CEO and actress Brooke Lewis

Vindication director Bart Mastronardi

Actor/director Alan Rowe Kelly

Hellraiser ''Pinhead'' Doug Bradley

The Ocean director Dante Tomaselli

and much, much more....

Just $19.95 plus postage at the links below.


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