Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: The HOT HUNKS OF HORROR Calendar 2009 signing at DARK DELICACIES was a smashing success!!! A special thanks goes out to Del & Sue for hosting our charity event. Many thanks also goes out to Chris Hannan from SCARS for his video, Hart, Waka, Joe Hollow and Feo Amante from AMERICAN HORRORS for their hard work shooting hours of event footage and my favorite photographer, Roger A. Scheck. And, to our hunks who flew in from all over the country, friends, guests and fans who came out to support, we are blessed to have you in our lives! Last, but not least, thank you to the courageous and stunning breast cancer survivor, Tommi Traeumer...we do this for women like YOU!!!
Happy Birthday goes out to the fabulous Alan Rowe Kelly!!! :)

HOLLYWOOD: I wanted to share my private screening of BITTER/SWEET with you! My dear Philly friend and uber talented director, Jeff Hare returned from Thailand and was cool enough to show me a cut of his newest feature. The best way to describe this romance and comedy is sweeeeeeet!!! ;) I really really enjoyed it, thought Jeff's direction was superb and give major props to the acting performances of Kip Pardue and Spencer Garrett. The following is a brief synopsis:
"American businessman Brian Chandler has a perfect life with a great job and beautiful fiancée. When his boss, renegade coffee mogul Calvert Jenkins sends him to Thailand to inspect a crop for purchase, Brian meets Ticha, a beautiful Bangkok executive who has long-since given up on the prospects of finding love. At the urging of her old village and her coffee farmer parents, Ticha brings Brian to the coffee fields of Southern Krabi, with the hopes that Brian will purchase coffee there. The only problem with this plan is that Brian and Ticha absolutely can not stand to be around each other. As they go from the cosmopolitan bustle of Bangkok to the pristine, white sands beaches of Krabi, their relationship becomes more than just a coffee deal."
I would definitely recommend lookin' out for this "sweetheart" of a film!

HIGH DRAMA: Okay, so I gotta shout out this story...It shows, once again, why I love cool, powerful women in this business! A few months ago, I ordered a T-shirt from a female oriented horror site that I am very fond of...CADAVERGIRLS. I hadn't received it and wondered where it disappeared to! :) I received a big box last week and found my new t-shirt. To my pleasant surprise, my shirt was surrounded by a bunch of other CadaverGirls goodies...a second t-shirt, buttons, cards, etc...WHAT??? :) Okay, so my order arrived a bit late, but how cool are these horror chicks for stepping up and going above and beyond to make up for the late delivery??? My kinda girls, huh? I shot over an email to thank the coolest Cadaver Girls, Lady D-Kay & Adrenalyn, for their generosity and professionalism...their action showed me that they "take care of their business"! CADAVERGIRLS, you definitely have a loyal fan in me and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Plus, I sooo love my shirt that says, "We put the "Gore" in Gorgeous...". Thank you, Amy & Kay!

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

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