Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: The launching of Philly Chick Pictures' MS. VAMPY was a bloody freakin' success!!! I want to thank the horror community for their "undying" support! The press release and links were posted all over the place, but there are a few horror journalists, media and magazines who deserve a SPECIAL THANKS for insanely plugging MS. VAMPY on their media pages!!! These peeps went the extra "bite" for me and I am forever grateful:

HORROR MOVIE FANS RADIO: Andrew Rose and Parrish Randall

SCARS Magazine: Ray Dowaliby and Matt Molloy

PRETTY/SCARY: Heidi Martinuzzi

BURIED and FIRST FRIGHT: The Cryptkeeper

HORROR SOCIETY: DrGore and Andy Rose


And, I can't forget Trevor Wright and Bryan Roberts! ;)
Stay tuned for EPISODE 2 next Friday

HOLLYWOOD: Thursday night I attended the red carpet screening of DESDEMONA: A LOVE STORY at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. I wanted to support the film and talented actor/producer James LaMarr. Often times with indie dramas, the viewer is quite disappointed...surely NOT the case with this one! I was so moved by this artistic film, my heart aches 3 days later! In the vein of a ROMEO AND JULIET, this film is beautifully shot, directed and acted. I was truly impressed with Phillip Guzman's direction and the work of Jorge A. Jimenez and Denton Blane Everett was tremendous!
Check it out:
"Two well-meaning brothers kidnap a wealthy man's wife for money to bury their father. Emotions flare & complications arise causing unpredictable and tragic results in this gritty street drama."

HIGH DRAMA: Soooo...convention and festival season is heating up again and I will keep you guys posted on where to find me! This week I am plugging the HORROR/SCIFI/ENTERTAINMENT Convention:
I will be guest speaking on panels for Women In Film with some horror hotties like:
Rachel Grubb and Tucky Williams.
Check out all the amazing talent that Derek Maki's COOLWATERS PRODUCTIONS is providing:

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

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