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Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: DAMAGED DISCIPLES 3D: As always, I welcome the opportunity to support indie filmmakers, so I wanted to share a project that the lovely Megan Sacco shared with me:
Wits'-End Entertainment of Hudson, NH Proudly Presents

"Damaged Disciples" (3D)
Story: An anal retentive atheist social worker named Jimmy has just lost his girlfriend to the grave.
His situation grows worse once he stumbles upon a secret society of Angel and Demons, blending in with Humans on Earth...
Having his life saved by one particular very self serving, sarcastic and self abusive Angel, causes increasingly deadly side effects.
The powers that be want to tie up any loose ends and continue to conceal their existence by just executing Jimmy. But Jimmy barters to assist in a Grand Quest in hopes they will cure him.
Many temptations and pitfalls emerge as Jimmy now has no choice but help end a war between good and Evil...But which side will he take?

The Movie is shot entirely with Live Actors on Blue Screen, with all atmospheres, foregrounds, backgrounds, CGI creatures, etc... done in post. The look and feel is that of a Dark Graphic Novel. The situations lend to Graphic Horror, SCI-FI, Action, Comedy and Fantasy genres....

The final print will be in Anaglyphic 3D and also a 2D version.

Damaged Disciples 3D Press Release

Main cast Members:
Ryan Roy, Nathaniel Sylva, Edward X. Young, Jamie Fessenden, Lori Siem-Lindgren, Michelle Knotz , Colleen Cohan, Paul Henry and Steven Cambian.
Supporting Actors:
Edward A. Young, Robbie Lindgren, Megan Sacco, Nick Kobus, Nikki Casey, Chris Clunnie, Sophia Wong, Jacob Roy. Rob Roy.

Visit Movie website for updated info, Behind the scenes clips and progress on production.

CONTACT: Brooke Lewis, Philly Chick

Ms. Vampy is America's funniest, sexiest, sassiest and most high maintenance vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair and is often described as Betty Boop meets Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. She loves pleather and fur and wouldn't be caught "dead" without high heels! But, there's much more to this loveable vampiress.

Join Ms. Vampy and her friend, Ford Austin, as he comes over to Ms. Vampy's Villa to promote his indie horror flick DAHMER VS. GACY. Ms. Vampy is concerned that Ford really isn't acting like "himself" these days! Ms. Vampy orders Italian for dinner and a special guest from SCARS Magazine delivers it! And, if you stay for a "bite", you'll get to play with her puppy, Fluffy!

Ms. VAMPY's BITE ME! Special Addition just for YOU and her vampy readers:
Yo! Wanna have Ms. Vampy "bite" somebody? a transparency and stick it on the pic you love.
Right freakin' click on the pic of your choice and hit "save as."

Please enjoy Ms. Vampy or "BITE ME"! :)>

HOLLYWOOD: THE SINATRA CLUB'S cards are stacked high, as we are about to shoot the most exciting mobster feature, since GOODFELLAS!!! Our exceptionally talented Director, James Quattrochi has taken the production to new heights. Check out Sal Polisi's THE SINATRA CLUB and our smokin' hot cast including, Jason Gedrick, Danny Nucci, Mark Belasco, Andy Davoli, Chris Coppola and many more:

DOUBLE TAP: I was super lucky after TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND to come back to act in a few rockin' scenes in the action flick DOUBLE TAP with action star Fabian Carrillo and the film also stars Daniel Baldwin and Richard Tyson. I had the pleasure of being directed by the generous Ryan Combs. More to come...

HIGH DRAMA: I am prowling the Con and festival circuits like a mad woman!!! Come hang with me in June at CRYPTICON Seattle:
And, check out the new site for TEXAS BLOOD BATH in November:

Rehearsal is calling...

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

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