Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

I just returned from TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND, so I am recovering and shooting a film this week! I got a lot to report, so I am going to treat you to a few different blogs this week! SCARY, huh??? :)

HORROR: TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND: First, and most importantly, a big Texas HELL YEAH!!! thanks goes out to my Texas Horror Family! I and iMURDERS owe a special thanks to Parrish Randall and Loyd Cryer for inviting us there! This was one of the most AMAZING horror events I have ever experienced! And, thanks to Andrew Rose for promoting us like crazy! I must send love from La La Land to: Parrish & Theresa, Andrew & Dione, Loyd & Sue, Noel, Amanda Carver, John R. Strange of Doc Strange Images, Ed & Angie, Chris & Joel of SCREAMTV, Abel & Jennifer of SPOILS and the cast and crew of POSSUM WALK!!!
STAY TUNED for the promo video we shot for TEXAS BLOOD BATH FILM FESTIVAL, in which Ms. Vampy is biting a NAKED Abel Berry! :)>
Also, STAY TUNED for all the TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND Hollywood gossip later this week: Chris Roe, iMURDERS, LAID TO REST, William Forsythe, Corbin Bernsen, Christa Campbell, etc...

HOLLYWOOD: I must be one of the luckiest actresses in the world, as I am making film deals from Texas to San Francisco!!! :) I have 2 film announcements:
THE EIGHT: After months of meetings, emails, "talks"...it is OFFICIAL...Anthony Brownrigg, Maegan Brownrigg and I "did" lunch to seal the deal for one of the most powerful independent films to be made in a very long time! I am honored and floored to have the opportunity to work with a team as strong and talented as Anthony and Maegan and cannot wait to see how this project flows! I have signed a "top secret" NDA, so I cannot reveal much at this time, but to quote Anthony directly...
"Brooke Lewis has accepted the lead role in Anthony Brownrigg's next
film "the Eight", a paranormal thriller to be filmed later this year."

THE LAST REVENANTS: A female Vampire film??? Um...yes...I am all over it!!! :)> After having the pleasure of sharing XANADU CON with the incredible and talented Rachel Grubb, she referred me to the cool and interesting writers Scott C. Sanford and Ron R. Anand. Scott and I hit it off "scarily" and I have been offered the role of Geena to act with Rachel, the stunning Sybil Danning and several other sexy Scream Queens! The film will be directed by Robert Pratten and shoots at the end of the year. Vampire chick flicks...keep em' coming guys!!!

HIGH DRAMA: Back to TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND! Sooo, you can take the Scream Queen out of Hollywood, but you can't stop her from shopping!!! :) There were soooo many awesome vendors at the convention, but when I was introduced to Brandy Eastman and her DARK MATTER CREATIONS booth, it was all over!!! Her custom jewelry is EXQUISITE! I fell "horribly" in love with this one piece...an antique style necklace with pendant. Brandy was soooo unbelievably generous, she gave me the piece as a gift to take back to Hollywood to show off to all the celebs! :) I cannot thank her enough and you can be sure to look out for her necklace in my next photo shoot, as I will be wearing it like a proud ROCKSTAR!!! THANK YOU, BRANDY! You must check out her work:
Dark Matter Creations specializes in custom jewelry, unique one-of-a-kind pieces for film, special occasions or everyday life. Operating as a division of Horrorphile Entertainment; DMC is headed by designer Brandy Eastman. She has been crafting unique jewelry for a number of years. Although known for her custom work, she has crafted a line of everyday wear affordable for everyone. As she states: “Jewelry is art that you can take with you everywhere.” Dark Matter Creations (or DMC as it’s known in the industry) endeavors to hold true to that motto in every piece, custom or commercial. If it is a special piece of jewelry you are looking for, Dark Matter Creations is a custom jewelry store that celebrates the darker touches of life.
Dark Matter Creations may be contacted at www.myspace.com/darkmattercreations and darkmattercreations@gmail.com Website coming soon.

Ian, thanks for the photo, doll! :)

Okay, I am babbled out, but will be back with a lot more this week! Gotta get to set...

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

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