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BABBLING BROOKE BLOG February 15, 2009

Sexy SCARS Readers:

Welcome back to my BABBLING BROOKE BLOG! As promised, you will get a little HORROR...a little HOLLYWOOD...a little HIGH DRAMA! :)

HORROR: At the end of last year, my friend, Marv Blauvelt, introduced me to the work of a very talented, young writer...Trevor Wright. Marv and Trevor gave me the opportunity to read a script they had written together that truly blew me away (a rarity, I promise!)! They have since introduced me to another project they had shot called THE GREEN MONSTER. These are two talented boys that you should watch out for...
Marv had this to say about THE GREEN MONSTER: "I had an AWESOME time shooting my scenes for THE GREEN MONSTER in Boston. All of the cast and crew were incredible.....the film is going to be VERY different and unique (kind of a throw-back to quirky 80's horror films like MOTEL HELL and THE BLOOD DINER) and I am VERY pleased to have been in the cast....and the character I play is unlike any character I have played....(An idiot cop...kind of the comic relief in the film!)...I think horror fans will be very entertained by the unique story of the film!"
Check out the press release and website:
Untold Horror in association with and THR Productions LTD is pleased to announce completion of principal photography for the feature film THE GREEN MONSTER scheduled for release in 2009.
THE GREEN MONSTER features the return pairing of Edward X. Young (SEA OF DUST) and Colleen Cohan (SEA OF DUST) as husband and wife psychos. THE GREEN MONSTER also features solid performances by Bethany Taylor (FRAT HOUSE MASSACRE), Nathaniel Sylva, Beatrice Strobl, Kachina Dechert, Megan Sacco, Bryan Lombardo, Andrew Cordio, Phoebe French, and a special appearance by Marv Blauvelt (SCULPTURE).
THE GREEN MONSTER was directed by Bryan Roberts and Nolan Ball from a screenplay by Trevor Wright.
Produced by Alex Pucci, Pete Jacelone and Trevor Wright.
Special Make-up and Effects by David S. Szehi Edward X Young Nikki Coleman
Associate Producer: Megan Sacco
THE GREEN MONSTER was shot in 16:9 24p
THE GREEN MONSTER is a return to 80’s style slashers in the vein of MOTEL HELL and BLOOD DINER. It tells the story of Gerald (Edward X. Young) and Molly (Colleen Cohan), husband and wife owners of a downtrodden convenience store who employ equal parts dark magic and down home cooking to attract the reckless teenagers who like to use their business as a haven for illegal activities.
When some local teens go missing, all signs point to the couple’s uniquely Southern recipes and the dumpster out back overflowing with dead bodies!
A campy horror flick that goes to show if the food don’t kill you...THE GREEN MONSTER will!

HOLLYWOOD: Please check out the new website for the LIFE'S A BUTCH Situality TV Pilot/Web series I starred in, opposite Butch Patrick (EDDIE MUNSTER :), Tony Guma, John Rose, Josie Davis and a bunch of other hilarious actors!

HIGH DRAMA: Valentine's Day weekend turned out to be a blast afterall!!! Michelle Levy (Executive Producer of FAT GIRLS), Miranda Kwok (iMURDERS) and I partied our asses off with Peach Martinis at the Beverly Hills Hotel Friday night! Nothin' like doin' Valentine's Day VIP style!!! I LOVE my girls!!! :)

Love & Horror,
XO Brooke Lewis

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